About Ahemdabad

About Us-The Living History

The ‘Living History’ is an initiative to cherish the living heritages of the Ahmedabad city and its culture. The city has bagged the status of ‘Heritage City’ by World Heritage Committee (WHC) of UNESCO recently in the month of September this year. The effort to retain the heritages of the city began in 1996 by Municipal Corporation and the parallel support of people led the city to earn this status.

We are celebrating this achievement of Ahmedabad, which beat the metropolitan cities Mumbai and Delhi in the race to get into nominations. Also, the nomination of Sultan Ahmad Shah found city, was supported by 20 countries on the pretext of secular co-existence of different religions that includes Hindus, Muslims and Jains, and the incredible essence of cultures that reflects its own beauty.

The ‘Amdavadis’ or the people of Ahmedabad are due with big credit for this achievement who are the retainers of this living history.

About Ahemdabad

Sintex- The Spearhead of Living History

Sintex Group is feeling obliged to commence the campaign of ‘The Living History’ and to celebrate the new honorary i.e. the status of ‘Heritage City’ to Ahmedabad. Our idea is to call people from across the nation and share their best-captured moments with heritage points of the city. The Sintex Group is working since decades and born out of the womb of this region. The initiative of the ‘The Living History’ is the small token of respect and love to the city of Ahmedabad.

About Ahemdabad

Our Call to Action

The ‘Living History’ campaign is calling people from all over India and all the tourists to share their photographs with the heritages, cultures, lifestyle, attire and everything that threads the uniqueness of this city. The beauty of the city is beautifully defined in the words of Ulvi Shiraz, the 15th century poet, calling it as ‘the beautiful mole on the earth’. In the same trend, travellers like Edwin Arnold and Henry George Briggs called the city a perfect muse for poets and painters.

Our idea is to celebrate together the status of ‘Heritage City’ with people with whom this label belongs and enable them to share their perfect captured moments on this Amdavadis platform.